The Gentle Tarot

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One of my absolute favorite tarot decks is now available to my whimsyjuice fam 😍🥰💛 The Gentle Tarot is a beautiful, sweet, healing interpretation brought to us by indigenous creator Mariza Ryce Aparicio-Tovar of Mari in the Sky, and has helped me and so many others reconnect with ourselves & the earth and dive deep to touch our hearts. Here we are challenged to cradle all parts of ourselves with love and wholeness and in turn express this healing outward in our lives. 

The Gentle Tarot is an indigenous-made, hand-drawn tarot deck filled with imagery influenced by life in remote Alaska. 10% of all proceeds are donated to ocean and climate change research.

This labor of love comprises of 79 hand drawn illustrations on 350 gsm matte laminate cards with matte gold siding and a 196 page guidebook, both in a thoughtfully crafted two-part box. This is a first edition deck.