about whimsyjuice

whimsyjuice: originating from the concept of "creative juices", inspirations that tickle the fancy, and a love of Lizzo.

Hello and welcome! My name is Anna and I'm a one-woman-show currently located in Greenville, SC. I've been crafting since I was about knee-high and it's exciting as an adult to see different visions coming to life. This shop originated because I have an addiction to owning unique statement earrings (they give me big energy and if you take a pair home, I hope you feel it too!). I currently specialize in polymer clay, resin, and fiber art mediums, but you can expect to see me dabble in just about anything.

I am delighted to show up in my corner of the world by sharing pieces that are handmade with love (and almost always a little glitter!) I also enjoy making beautiful things out of scrap material, so you can take pride in your purchase being unique, ethically sourced, and eco-conscious. One of my passions is seeing the threads that bind us together as humans each having an individual, unique story. I hope that you find a piece here that speaks to you and manifests a special energy to bring you confidence and pure joy.