Smoky Quartz Crystal Towers

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Listing for 1 smoky quartz tower. TOWERS ARE 1.5 - 2" TALL.

Known as a grounding stone, smoky quartz represents stabilizing self, letting go, and allowing old wounds to heal. Associated with the root chakra. The energy of smoky quartz invites you to explore your depths, find what is no longer serving you, and ground into yourself to move forward and pave a new path. 

Towers are intuitively chosen upon purchase. All of these have a variety of beautiful clarity, interesting shard-ey shimmers, and even rainbows! I can't guarantee you will get specific inclusions/rainbows in your piece, but you are welcome to leave a note for me at checkout if you have a preference for a particular size/shape/inclusion. I will do my best to accommodate based on what I have in stock.