Begin: An Oracle Deck

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I am so honored and ecstatic to be collaborating with Stacy Jane of A Little Magic Shop to offer her Begin oracle deck. I have found so much personal joy in using this deck as part of my daily morning routine, and the collages of illustrations + images are absolutely lush and breathtaking. In her own words: "Begin is a set of cards that may be used for divination, reflection, daily meditation or just for fun. The cards use symbols, astrology, seasons and archetypes to help you access your subconscious. The cards won't tell you anything you don't already know, but that can make you more aware of patterns, thoughts and emotions. We all have innate knowledge and intuition and this deck was made with the intention of helping you cultivate just that."

Begin is a 72 card oracle deck created using found images. It is perfect as a daily meditation deck but is also a wonderful divination tool helping to clarify a situation or work through a decision.

The deck comes with an 80 page 8.5" x 12" large book detailing each card's interpretation and outlining 4 spreads for divination use. It also explains how to use an oracle deck in case this is your first time.

Created with love and intention.

Cards measure 3.5" x 5.75" and come in a rigid box for storing.