Empress Crystal Earrings

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kunzite 💖 citrine 💛 prehnite 💚 aquamarine 💙 lace agate 💜

I wanted to create some crystal-based, pastel rainbowey pieces that just *felt* lovely and happy. I chose crystal components I was intuitively drawn to either by previous association or just the color vibe I was getting. so it's amusing to me that all of these stones sync so well in their meanings; several of them actually overlap.

Represented here we see unconditional love, joy, healing, cleansing, nurture, support, clarity of expression. it really speaks to the heart of who I am and how I hope WHIMSYJUICE speaks to you. ✨ may you be held, may you be heard, and may you always dive deep into your own well to hold this restful, unconditional love for yourself first so that you may pour it into others. 🥰
created with sterling silver findings for a timeless gift for yourself or a loved one.