Chevron Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

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Carry the healing power of crystal energy everywhere you go, while wearing this statement bracelet. Layer them on to feel the good vibes!

Channel energies of peace, stability, transformation, and protection when you wear amethyst! Amethyst is said to help in calming anxiety, transforming stress and negativity to serenity, and opening a path to new realities. Also known as a calming and protective crystal for travel. Wear her as a reminder to balance your essence. Also a February birthstone!

As well as sharing the same energies and vibrations of normal amethyst, chevron amethyst is far stronger and more powerful when working with our higher chakras. This variety of amethyst specifically focus on the third eye and crown chakras, activating and linking the two together.

Material: Semi-Precious Crystal Beads, Elastic String
Size: 8mm beads
Diameter: approx. 7.5"

Note: Crystals may vary slightly in color