Chakra Gemstone Studs Set

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Tune in to each of your body chakras with these gemstone studs, one pair to represent each of the seven chakras. Expect variations between what is pictured and what you will receive, as each stone is organically & uniquely shaped and may also vary slightly in color, size & shade. Thoughtfully curated and assembled by hand. Posts are hypoallergenic, nickel-free, surgical stainless steel. 

crown: representing spirituality, visions, and higher consciousness: amethyst 

brow/third eye: opening our awareness to the world and the bigger picture: lapis lazuli 

throat: communication and self-expression: turquoise

heart: opening our hearts to love, compassion and joy: green adventurine 

solar plexus: confidence and harnessing power & self-control: tiger's eye 

sacral: finding connection with others and bringing happiness, pleasure and creativity: carnelian 

root: foundations, grounding & confidence: red jasper